Now fix your all issues with Fastmail 24/7 customer service

Fastmail is a paid email service for individuals and companies alike. The service is provided in over 36 languages to ensure that people all over the world who wish to use it can do so. The company itself is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was founded by two people namely Bruce Davis and Jeremy Howard to initially provide emails services for the customers of Optimal Decisions Group. The company was later on acquired by Opera Software in 2010. However on September 26, 2013 Fastmail split from Opera Software and went on to become a privately held company. The company main servers are located in the city of Amsterdam and New York.

Fastmail suffers from errors and its own fair share of problems. Some of the most common problems that its users and customers face have been mentioned below. Therefore now fix your all issues with Fastmail 24/7 customer service.

Some of the common problems are:

  • How to migrate the emails, the domain, the calendar of the user to fastmail?
  • Unable to set up any electronic device like a smart phone, a desktop or a tablet to access emails in the user’s fastmail account.
  • Unable to access the fastmail account due to forgotten password.
  • Forgotten password recovery or resetting the password entirely.
  • Receiving of lot of unwanted emails or spams in the inbox.
  • Setting up the fastmail for the users own domain.
  • The devices are failing to sync between themselves.

Reset and Recover the Password of Fastmail Account with Easy Steps

Therefore for example if you wish to Reset and Recover the Password of Fastmail Account with Easy Steps, here are the steps mentioned below:

  • During the procedure of setting up the fastmail account for the user, the user has to provide a back up email address so that any security related incident with respect to the account can be sent to the back up email ID for the user to access it.
  • Now in case you forget your password and/ or wish to reset it, you would have to go to the login page of the fastmail email service.
  • Next you would have to enter your email ID and click on the option ‘forgot password’.
  • The next step would involve the account recovery information being sent to the back up email ID that the user has provided at the time of registration of the account.

Now a lot of people, in order to resolve their problems relating to fastmail, have tried to get in touch with the tech support of fastmail by calling on the Fastmail technical support number. However it has been reiterated time and again that fastmail does not provide a customer service or a technical support phone number. And therefore if you are calling anyone who claims to be  from fastmail tech support , chances are that they might  be frauds that are seeking access to your computer. Moreover if they offer you remote assistance, immediately cut the call as fastmail never provides remote assistance.

How to Contact FastMail Customer Support?

If you wish to know how to contact FastMail Customer Support, here’s how- FastMail provides help only via its help and support forums and that too only by  the way of email. Although there are certain restriction to providing support to the users. That is if they:

  • Show abusive behavior.
  • Have extrenal clients like Outlook or Thunderbird installed.
  • If there are any browser extension that is causing error.
  • If the browser of the user is outdated.
  • Are using operating systems for which no support is being provided.

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